Little Falls Water Garden

Photo of Little Falls Water Garden at the former home of Friend Armin Saeger and his wife Lucy. 2002 Armin Saeger.


Welcome to the web site for the Green Country Friends Meeting! We wish you peace and friendship.

The Green Country Friends Meeting is an unprogrammed meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers). We serve the Tulsa and Northeast Oklahoma area and are associated with the South Central Yearly Meeting of the Friends General Conference.

Worship Location and Time: Please call for time and location 918-516-5007 or 918-200-9366. At this time and the schedule may change weekly.


Our thanks to South Central Yearly Meeting for allowing us the space for this site.

For more information, you may join us on Facebook at "Tulsa Quakers" or call (918) 516-5007 or (918) 200-9366 or email .

Our mailing address is
Green Country Friends Meeting
P. O. Box 52415
Tulsa, OK 74152-0415



We welcome you to our Meeting for Worship. Worship adds depth to life, and in that depth the ultimate meaning of life may be discovered.

We hope that you will find here Divine guidance, encouragement, friendship, help with your daily problems and a deeper awareness of what Quakers for three hundred years have called the INNER LIGHT.

Friends (commonly called Quakers) have no formal creed or statement of belief and no outward sacraments. Our manner of worship is to wait in silent expectancy, seeking to experience God's presence. The responsibilities of ministry are shared by everyone. Therefore, we have no clergy.

In the stillness there may come to any of us a message which he or she feels compelled to share with all. It may spring from a sense of inward communion, a concern previously pondered, or a need for understanding. We make no prior decision to speak or to remain silent. Such messages often develop in the united worship of those attending the Meeting, touching deep roots in many, and drawing us closer together in love and worship. United in love and strengthened by truth, the worshipers enter upon a new level of living, despite the different ways in which they may account for this life-expanding experience.

The Meeting will close after several members have shaken hands, and we often arise and join hands one with another. Your presence will enrich our worship. We hope that you will want to be with us.

Friends believe there is something of God in every human being and that life is sacred in all forms. This conviction has caused us to feel an obligation to bring our religious ideals to bear on the attitudes, decisions, and actions of our governments at international and domestic levels.

Friends Committee on National Legislation is a registered church lobby in Washington. It strives to translate religious concerns into social and political action. It does so by methods of quiet influence through personal contacts and persuasion to win the assent of reasonable minds.

American Friends Service Committee is the main service arm of Friends in this country. Through programs of relief and reconciliation, as well as through efforts to promote understanding among different groups and nations, the AFSC seeks to carry out the testimony of Friends.

Many Quakers attempt to put into practice the words which John Woolman wrote in 1763: ". . . to turn all that we possess into the channel of universal love becomes the business of our lives."

Green Country Friends Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends, Tulsa, Oklahoma area. Ph: (918) 516-5007. Affiliated with South Central Yearly Meeting of Friends and Friends General Conference.


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