Hurricane Harvey Updates

We want to keep you up to date on how Friends are weathering Hurricane Harvey. 
If you have news to share, please click this link to submit your newsWe will keep updating as we get news. Click 'Read more..' for all reports and details.

Update from Live Oak Meeting on December 8, 2017

Live Oak Friends Meeting Thanks Donors: As our city and the surrounding areas begin the recovery process, we are grateful for the many donations and expressions of care and concern. We received donations from more than 90 individuals, Quaker Meetings and Friends Churches in many areas of the country. We are grateful that so many thought of us when there are so many needs in the world.

During a 3-day period, the Greater Houston area and parts of southeast Texas received between 30 and 56 inches of rain as Hurricane Harvey decayed into a tropical storm. In some places the water was relatively “clean” as creeks and bayous overflowed, but in others storm water was mixed with overflowing sewerage treatment plants and releases from reservoirs. Now in mid-November, media reports say that there are still 150,000 families displaced from their homes or rental units, with total damage estimates in the billions of dollars. The Friends Church in Friendswood Texas sustained some damage as did more than 30 of their members. We sent two work crews to Friendswood to help them “muck out” homes and made a major donation to their recovery fund.

Our buildings and property were undamaged, but three families in the meeting community lost cars or sustained damage to their homes. Your contributions helped them replace cars and get started with the repair process even before insurance paid its share.

Our process charged our Finance Committee with accounting for and acknowledging contributions, while our Care and Concern Committee dealt with the distribution of funds. In the distribution process, we wanted to move as quickly as possible and provide funds where small amounts could have the greatest impact as well as address unmet needs or under-served populations. Those organizations include, Altruist Relief, Mama Rosie’s Feed the Hungry Fund, Texas Organizing Project, Southeast Texas Food Bank, West Street Recovery, The Transgender Project Relief Fund and Best Friends Animal Rescue.

Again we are extremely grateful to all who contributed and who expressed concern for our well-being.

Update on Friends in SCYM area and hurricane Harvey on September 7, 2017

News from Live Oak Friends Meeting: Thank you for all whom have expressed their concern and desire to help with relief for those suffering from hurricane Harvey and the widespread flooding.  We are grateful that our meetinghouse was unharmed and remained high and dry. Other Houston Friends have not been so fortunate. Friendswood Friends Church has been flooded as well as many of their members' homes. Bayshore Friends Church in Baycliff, Lighthouse Fellowship of Friends in League City, and Friends Community Church in Angleton have also been affected. Friends from Live Oak have been engaged in helping Friends from Friendswood in the clean up and reconstruction.

If you would like to contribute toward hurricane relief, you may send your check to Live Oak Friends Meeting, 1318 W. 26th St., Houston, TX 77008, noting "Fund for Sufferings, hurricane relief" on the check.  Or, you may contribute on their website, Be sure to specify "Fund for Sufferings, hurricane relief" in the "add a note" section on the Paypal donation form. Our Care and Concern Committee will see that contributions are used in the most effective way possible.

News from Friendswood Friends Church: 3,000 homes in the area are flooded.  This equals 1/3 of all houses in area.  Friendswood Friends Church has a fund set to help those without flood insurance. 100% of all donations will go directly to help people.

If you are interested in helping Friendswood Friends Church in their relief efforts, please write checks to Friendswood Friends Church with Hurricane Harvey in the memo line. Mail your check to: Friendswood Friends Church, 502 S. Friendswood Dr., Friendswood, TX 77546.

When you write a check and mail it, this emergency fund will receive 100% of your donation. To make an online donation, go to their website, Be sure to note in the memo line on this form that your donation is for hurricane relief.  Fees are taken from online donations to cover the cost of this convenience.

Finally, please hold in the Light the many Friends and others in the path of hurricane Irma.  LIz Yeats, Clerk of SCYM



August 31, 4:17pm: Considering the needs of Friends in Friendswood Friends Church to repair and rebuild (see below), Friends in Live Oak Friends Meeting (LOFM) (Houston) have offered to give hospitality to Friends who are able to come to Houston and provide labor. It is expected that this work will be ongoing for some time. Please get in touch with Jane Houser from LOFM if you can offer help: home: 713-436-5662 cell:713-725-9081 email: Please feel free to spread this message all across the Quaker Universe. If you are coming please bring your own work gloves and safety glasses, as supplies as these items are very low. Other Friend's churches in the Houston area were also affected and help will be needed there as well.

August 30, 3:00pm: Friends at Friendswood Friends Church report that their Pastor's home, the Church and many of the congregation had flooding. Today is the first day in 5 that they have been able to come together to examine the damage. They are already working on the clean-up but they really aren't able to determine the longterm need at this point. They appreciate our prayers. SCYM Friends, and particularly Live Oak Friends, will keep in touch and let Friends know how they can help. We'll post more about Friendswood Friends and the other Friends churches in the area as we learn about their condition.

August 29, 4:28pm:

We have not experienced any damage from hurricane Harvey, no house flooding and no flood water isolation. Chris Drexler

My husband, John, and I didn't suffer any damage during the storm. I am volunteering at the Red Cross shelter. Nell Warnes

August 29, 1:24pm: Friends are asking where they can send donations to help Friends and others caught in the Hurricane Harvey crisis. Friends in Live Oak Friends Meeting in Houston suggest that those wanting to help the general population of Houston, especially the estimated 575,000 undocumented, should go to:
Friends wanting to give to help SCYM Friends in effected by this crisis can send checks to:
South Central Yearly Meeting, 9835 Greentree St, San Antonio, TX 78230 or
Live Oak Friends Meeting, 1318 W 26th St Houston TX 77008
Please mark checks for Harvey Relief.

August 28, 6:25pm: Jane Houser from Live Oak Friends Meeting in Houston writes: Thanks to all who have inquired. At this point, the best way to help is to hold us in the light.  At this point, our meeting house and the little house are undamaged. While some F/friends have some damage, as far as we know, no one’s home is a total loss. Lidney Molnari, clerk, Bette Drexler, clerk of Care & Concern, are doing our best to keep track of our people who have left town, including our most vulnerable. While Rockport suffered a major wind impact, nearly everything in and around Houston is just rain. 20 inches at our house!  Mayor Turner has set up a special fund to help Greater Houston residents. You can find out more at The Red Cross is also active staffing shelters. 

August 27, 8:17am: We heard this morning that at least two Friends in Houston have flood water on the ground floor of their homes. (Terry SoRelle and I have a large tree branch down in back which luckily missed the roof. Really minor especially since our townhouse complex folks will likely clean it up as soon as it stops raining.) Hoping others are keeping dry and safe.  
As those Friends who are able gather for worship, please hold Friends and others threatened by Harvey in your prayers. Sending loving energy. Liz Yeats, SCYM Clerk

August 26, 1:33pm: From Kevin Johnson in Baytown.
Kevin writes: "Family is fine in Baytown but our neighborhood is without power for past few hours.   The crew is working on restoration.
It is rainy.   Ditches are filling up with risk of flooding but so far were okay except for the electricity loss.
Have plenty of supplies and can get out and about okay at the moment.
Thanks to SCYM for thoughtfulness in providing platform for sharing news, needs and stories."

August 26,  12:52pm: Shelly Angel emailed:

Mariah Boone and family of Corpus Friends evacuated yesterday (August 25).

Carol J Brown in McAllen…unexpectedly, Harvey veered away; check for effect of storm.

August 26,  11:44am: ​From Emma Caraway in Bryan

Emma says "Everyone is fine here! With Davis out town we are prepped for potential power loss. Had a tornado warning this morning and holed up in the bathroom with the pets until it passed. We will only get a rain from now on. If any Texas Friends need a dry-ish place with power and fur friends we have a guest bedroom at the ready!"

August 26, 10:00am From Bev Randolph of Costal Bend Meeting in Corpus Christi.  

Bev says “Please put out a message to Friends in SCYM that I am fine, the house is fine, the cats are fine, the studio is fine, my car is fine. I managed to make three scrabbled eggs and toast and coffee for my breakfast all without electricity. Lines in the back of the house are down and one fence is leaning over but really, it was bad but everything is great this morning. I don’t have email because there is no power and I don’t have a way to charge my phone.” She asks that we send prayers for power but that we know she is okay.