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South Central Yearly Meeting

Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri and Louisiana

November 20-21 - Green Family Camp

SCYM Representative Meeting

All members and attenders of SCYM meetings and worship groups are welcome to attend our annual representative meeting at Green Familiy Camp on the weekend of November 20-21.

Visit our Representative Meeting page. for more information and registration.

Coming October 15

A New Web Site for SCYM

On October 15, 2015, will have a new fresh look with more features and content. Just come right here to

Want a preview?

You can try out the new site today at our staging site: Already you will find new documents and articles there. Please try it out and send us your comments.

What about my members account?

You should be able to use your old password to sign in to the new site. Click 'Sign in' in the upper right corner of them main page. If you have any problems, click 'Request new password'. But hold your horses! Wait until October 15 when we go live. Password and account requests made on the staging site might get lost in the transition.

Isn't it already finished?

Well no. Pardon our untidiness. You may find incomplete features and a few bugs on the staging site. Feel free to post comments but be aware that any posted content will go away when we update the site. Consider everything temporaray until October 15.

Documents for 2015 SCYM Sessions

2015 Directory of SCYM Friends

The 2015 version can be viewed in two formats, Directory 2015 by alphabet and Directory 2015 by monthly meeting. A limited number of print copies will be available at 2015 SCYM Sessions. Please check with those in your meeting who may not have access to the web to arrange to provide them with a print copy. You can also view individual records using the SCYM Directory Lookup.

Faith & Practice Development Committee

The Faith & Practice Development Committee is hard at work facilitating the work of SCYM Friends creating our own Faith & Practice. You can view their reports and other materials on the Faith & Practice Page.
  • Faith & Practice Working Document 3
  • Please address comments and suggestions on the Working Document to the Faith & Practice Development Committee at

    2014 Representative Meeting

    5-7 December 2014 ~ Greene Family Camp

    Documents for 2014 Representative Meeting Sessions

    Documents presented and accepted of approved at 2014 SCYM Sessions

    You need a members account to access any SCYM document that has personal information or other materials that need some security. You can get a login or be reminded of your login here.

    Quilt block, 'Peaceable SCYM', by Bette Drexler

    News of Friends

    For those who know Dottie Warrington, registrar for SCYM for many years: She has moved to an assisted living facility. Send mail to Live Oak Medical Center, PO Box 356, Blanco, TX 78606.

    In the Members Area

    The members area contains news, documents, the members directory and other information for members of SCYM meetings and guests.

    Visit SCYM on Facebook, join the conversation, post your thoughts, photos, videos or send materials to newsletter(at) to be posted.

    Recent Additions to the Member's Area

    2015 Yearly Meeting News

    2014 Nominating Committee Report of Officers, Committees and Representatives

    2015 Monthly Meeting and Worship Group Clerks

    Of Interest to Friends

    • FCNL Wants You, Young Adults! Want a job and care about the environment? Consider applying for FCNL's advocacy corps. Young Adults will get paid to develop skills around local organizing in support of national carbon reduction! Application deadline 1 April 2015. Read More
    • Quaker Religious Education Collaborative (QREC) announces a Quaker Religious Education Conference at Pendle Hill in 14-16 August 2015 for Friends involved in First Day School and religious educatio of Friends of all ages. Read the Conference Flyer and Registration Form. Children are welcome. Some financial aid is available.
    • New for Friendly Books The best place to buy your books! QuakerBooks of FGC has a new website with a great search function and shopping cart.