South Central Yearly Meeting

Religious Society of Friends

Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas

Led by Faith to Work for Justice

Online April 10-13
In person at Greene Family Camp and online April 14-17

2022 SCYM Epistle to Friends Everywhere

Here are the three minutes approved on issues of justice and peace. Please use these to explore their topics in your meeting and publicize them in any way you can.
Minute on Conflicts in Our World
Minute on the Israeli-Palestinian Crisis
Minute in Support of a Truth & Healing Commission for Native Peoples
Watch the 2022 Videos of plenaries, workshops and variety show.
2022 Videos
Please read the documents which came to the business meeting. 
Documents from the 2022 Meetings for Business

For more details about the program and Kallan Benson, Quaker youth and environmental activist who will participate on the keynote panel click "Read more". 


More than 35 Friends met joyfully online for worship, business and fellowship over the two day period. It was approved that Led by Faith to Work for Justice will be the theme of 2022 Yearly Meeting Sessions, Sunday, April 10 to Sunday, April 17. Sessions will be held both in person and online with hopes that all will be able to participate in parts of the meeting. Details will be forthcoming.

Read the Minutes of Representative Meeting here.

Read the documents that came to 2021 Fall Representative Meeting (more will be posted soon)

2021 SCYM Yearly Meeting Minutes and Attachments

Good News from Tom Ivash:
Dear Friends,
First off I want to thank everyone that held me in the Light. I'm finally out of the hospital and rehab center. I'm staying with one of my sisters while doing home patient rehab. Slow progress but progress non the less.
A Cliff's note version of what happened to me. First I went into the hospital for bloated prostate. There it was discovered that I had a severe case of UTI. During the treatment for this, the Cardiologist noticed my heart had gotten weaker. It was recommended to install a heart pump.
During this surgery, I had complications starting with heart failure leading to Kidney failure. They sedated me for 3 weeks. As the Doctors were treating these problems, I got pneumonia. Great!!! With some Blessings I survived all of these complications.
Most Sincerely,
Thomas Ivash

Danielle Evans writes: Gerald stepped into the Light this morning at 03:05am - his body weary - at peace now.
Gerald Jimmy Jr. is a member of Fort Worth Monthly Meeting and former clerk of SCYM. He is at peace after a long illness.  His gentle spirit will live on in the memories of many SCYM Friends.


Tom Ivash News:
Cathy Ivash writes: Thanks for your continued support! Tom is out of ICU and will soon start Rehab!

Tom Ivash News:
Timmy (Stephen) Hoffman made a surprise visit to Tom's hospital room and reported that Tom was doing better and better.  Seems Tommy and Timmy are still going strong as F(f)riends who met and hung out at yearly meeting gatherings when they were much younger. They were reportedly known for pranks that caused consternation for their elders. 

News of Joe LoCicero's death from Live Oak Meeting on May 4, 2022:
Friends, we just received the following from our contact with Joe LoCicero's family:
"Joe passed this morning. Any messages for the family should be sent to his email ( or his home address, 1127 Bittersweet Dr, Richmond, TX 77406.  His children check these daily. We are glad he's no longer in pain and at peace." (His children's names are Joe Jr. and Melissa.)

Tommy Ivash update from Cathy Ivash:
It's time for another Tommy update. He scared us last weekend when he acquired pneumonia from his ventilator, just at the time they were almost ready to discontinue it. His fever was sky high for 3 days, the antibiotics weren't effective, and I was thinking that he might become septic. The infection was so bad that it made a cavity in his lung! Of course, the vent had to stay.
Fast forward to today: He is breathing on his own ~80% of the time. The ET tube is out and a (we hope) temporary trach is in. The fever is gone. He is alert and responsive although confused at times (who wouldn't be after all this time in ICU)? Many others have been through it.
It's hell seeing someone you love going through a tough illness! I was never so sure about the power of prayer, but I am convinced that yours have helped him to get better, in whatever form you use or how you define them! Thank you so much!!

Gerald Jimmy Jr update from Danielle Evans:
In the Fall a supra-pubic catheter was placed, something deemed necessary by some and unnecessary by others.  Finally have been able to have a request to have this readdressed acted upon, and it was removed yesterday evening.  Now there will be bladder scans every few days to check on status.  This is an exceptionally positive thing.  Grateful.

Tom Ivash
Surgery took place on Wednesday and Tom has entered a long recovery. He is still in the ICU until they make sure the systems are working. Eventually he will be moved to a rehab and then to spend time in the home of his sister Carol to further recover.

Cathy Ivash wrote some days ago on Facebook:
"Thank you so much for your prayers and best wishes for my brother Tom. I’m not sure how much he can hear us at present but my sister Carol and I share messages we’ve received hoping that he is spiritually strengthened.
To update you, Tommy is on total support in the Seton ICU. I’ve never seen this level of resources and technology utilized to support someone. The heart team at Seton is incredible! No matter what happens we feel assured that he has had the best of care possible. I’m traveling as frequently as I can to Austin.
This has been a terrible roller-coaster ride for us since some days bring very bad news and others bring hope. I’m finding that unexpected thoughts and emotions from all aspects of life are surfacing right now for some reason. For those who have been calling and texting, please be patient when I don’t reply quickly and know how much your messages are appreciated!"

Please continue to hold Tom and his family in the Light for the best possible outcome. 

News of Friends being held in the Light during SCYM Sessions:
Tom Ivash is hoping to have surgery to receive a mechanical heart sometime next week. Please hold him and his family in the Light at this crucial time and on into the recovery period. Watch for more news about Tom here.

Gerald JImmy continues to recover gaining strength after a long illness. Please continue Holding Gerald and his partner, Danielle Evans, in the Light.

Good News from Gerald Jimmy Jr.

Gerald continues to make progress healing from his long illness. Yesterday was his first standing shower, no more bed baths, says Danielle Evans, his partner and super healer/helper in this ongling challenge. Please continue to hold them and others in the Light.
Our corporate holding in the Presence is strong and important to us all as we continue to live lives of hope, faith, and love in these challenging times. ?(Please send news about Friends to Liz Yeats, Web Content Manager at for posting on this website.)


Loving in the Light: Quaker Response in Times of Crisis, Part II
Our 2021 Keynote Speaker is Eileen Flanagan, a Quaker author, speaker, and online teacher, whose lessons on spiritually-grounded non-violent activism have reached thousands.
Below are all the attachments and the minutes from both sessions of 2020 RM 1 and 2.

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Gerald Jimmy Jr. died July 12, 2022-Memorial Meeting 20 August 2022


Friends Memorial Meeting for Gerald Jimmy, Jr.

3 o'clock in the afternoon Saturday, 20th August 2022

Grady Thomas II & III
2975 Esplanade Drive
Grand Prairie, TX 75052

Attend the Memorial online by livestream at: 

Danielle Evans writes: Gerald stepped into the Light this morning at 03:05 am - his body weary - at peace now.
Gerald Jimmy Jr. is a member of the Fort Worth Monthly Meeting and former clerk of SCYM. He is at peace after a long illness.  His gentle spirit will live on in the memories of many SCYM Friends.
See more about Gerald and where donations in his honor should go at

*Additional National Zoom Call. Host: Pendle Hill Quaker Retreat & Study Center. Thursday, August 18, 7-9PM EDT*

To Friends Throughout the United States:  

Greetings in the Spirit of Love.  

We write to share with you an “Urgent Call to the Religious Society of Friends” concerning the current extensive threats to our U.S. democracy. We are led to speak out against the lies, extremist movements, and anti-democratic actions that are the opposite of our Quaker understandings of integrity and Truth.   This Call was prepared by a group of nineteen Friends.

We encourage your prayerful discernment of this “Urgent Call” and ask you as individuals, monthly meetings, yearly meetings, and Friends organizations to consider how you might be called to act with integrity in response to these concerns. 

Read the Urgent Call
Join the Conversation at

We also are inviting all concerned Friends and friends to join us in the first of a series of ...

Friends Peace Teams Announcements and Upcoming Events



Dear Friends,

The Fellowship of Friends of African Descent (FOFAD) warmly invites Quakers of African Descent, regardless of yearly meeting affiliation, to Gather virtually in worship and fellowship, from Friday, August 12, 2022 to Sunday, August 14, 2022.  This event is FREE.  Registration is open here:

Join Friends in Moscow for Daily Worship for Ukraine

9:00AM Pacific / 10AM Mountain / 11AM Central