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South Central Yearly Meeting

Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri and Louisiana

News of Friends

December 2014

For those who know Dottie Warrington, registrar for SCYM for many years:

Dottie Warrington has moved to an assisted living facility. She is doing well, getting her strength back after a challenging infection. While she probably won't write back, she would love cards and letters from SCYM Friends. Send mail to her at Live Oak Medical Center, PO Box 356, Blanco, TX 78606.

2014 Representative Meeting

5-7 December 2014 ~ Greene Family Camp

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Documents in Advance for 2014 Representative Meeting Sessions

2014 South Central Yearly Meeting Sessions

17-20 April 2014 ~ Greene Family Camp, Bruceville TX

Am I My Sistersí and Brothersí Keeper?

Quaker Response to Mass Incarceration

The adult program for 2014 SCYM sessions has been planned to help individuals and meetings share our experiences and explore such probing questions as:

  • How well do I understand the incarceration policies that prevail in my community today?
  • What is the depth of my concern for my incarcerated sisters and brothers?
  • What am I doing with regard to my concern for those incarcerated?
  • Am I engaged in the most meaningful actions? What more can I do?

Documents in Advance for 2014 SCYM Sessions

Documents presented at 2014 SCYM Sessions

2014 Directory of SCYM Friends

The 2014 version can be viewed in two formats, Directory 2014 by alphabet and Directory 2014 by monthly meeting. A limited number of print copies will be available at 2013 SCYM Sessions. Please check with those in your meeting who may not have access to the web to arrange to provide them with a print copy. You can also view individual records using the SCYM Directory Lookup.

2013 Representative Meeting

22-24 November 2013 ~ Greene Family Camp

Reports presented and accepted at this meeting:

Faith And Practice Committee Page

Please check this page for updates on SCYM's Faith and Practice Development Committee work.

Report on Intervisitation From Marianne Lockard

I am having a most wonderful time visiting our smaller meetings and isolated Friends... see more

Gathering of Southern Friends

A retreat center just north of Jackson, MS has been reserved for the weekend of November 15, 16 & 17. To see more and register go to Pam Arnold's article..

Epistle on Inclusion and Equality

  • Hill Country Meeting approved an Epistle on Inclusion and Equality in July of 2012.

  • 2013 South Central Yearly Meeting Sessions

    28-31 March 2013 ~ Greene Family Camp ~ Bruceville Texas

    Lead Kindly Light: Being Faithful

    2013 SCYM Epistle

    Greetings to Friends Everywhere,
    One hundred fifty-six Friends from Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas met at Greene Family Camp in Bruceville, Texas to share in the workings of the Spirit. For the second year, we explored the Quaker testimonies. Last year we came to understand how the testimonies flow from a personís relationship with the Divine. This year we examined the ways in which the testimonies are revealed through our lives, drawing on the experiences of SCYM Friends... (read the complete 2013 SCYM Epistle)

    Gray Cox Talking

    Gray Cox's Keynote: Sharing the Spiritual Commons in a Culture of Peace and a Political Economy of Democratic Stewardship

    I would like to share reflections on two great challenges I think we face in trying to live out the Quaker testimonies and some practical responses. The first challenge is to transform the dominant culture of conflict into a culture of peace. The second is to transform our political economy from a plutocratic national security state seeking ever more GNP into a human development driven democracy practicing ever better stewardship of the commons... (read the complete Keynote)

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    Quilt block, 'Peaceable SCYM', by Bette Drexler

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    The members area contains news, documents, the members directory and other information for members of SCYM meetings and guests.

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    Recent Additions to the Member's Area

    2014 Nominating Committee Report of Officers, Committees and Representatives

    2015 Monthly Meeting and Worship Group Clerks

    The February 2014 YM News

    Of Interest to Friends

    • New for Friendly Books The best place to buy your books! QuakerBooks of FGC has a new website with a great search function and shopping cart.

    • Quaker Religious Education Collaborative (QREC) met at Pendle Hill in August 2014 to begin networking and providing access to resources for Friends involved in First Day School and religious education of Friends of all ages. For more information about this new, exciting collaboration see the QREC Press Release or go to the QREC temporary web resource.